Thursday, 1 October 2015


So we (Tim) accidentally deleted the first segment the first time we recorded this, so we had to rerecord which was a pain but we kept our spirits up by watching some sniper headshot videos and when the dust settled, we'd smashed it out of the park!
We talk to our good friend Spence about inspirations for the Heresy, and count down a ton of sick franchises and media that has played a big part in inspiring the 30k/40k background over the years.
We finish up by shouting out a ton of events! So many good events coming up all over the globe, great to see the hobby taking off! Fuck yeah. Stay ‪#‎hardforheresy‬!

Part I - Usual stuff and lots of TITAN TALK
512 by Lamb of God
Part II - Top Ten Inspirations for Warhammer 30,000
Totmacher - Wumpscut
Part III - Events and Wrap up

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The muster has started! Join in here and turn the tide for the traitors or loyalists by picking up a paint brush!
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Check out all the Details for the Durham raiders 30K event; Gathering of the storm here.
WarZone Atlanta.…746188228824354/
Ortious cloud phase 3, 12 Dec 15. Sydney, Australia.
30K event being held at Lincon 2016 in Sweden!

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