Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Episode 34 - Inferno 4 Debrief

Welcome back to the Eye of Horus podcast!

And what a weekend it was! This weekend saw the final campaign day for the 2015 Inferno event series. It was a hard fought exhausting day but we were lucky enough to be joined by Spencer, James and Macca the next day for a wrap up of the event from the traitor and loyalist sides.

As always we have all your favorites, so sit back and enjoy episode 34!

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Check out our planet, Kug'Arkal in the podcast global campaign on Aus30k.

The muster has started! Join in here and turn the tide for the traitors or loyalists by picking up a paint brush!



Las Vegas open

Check out all the Details for the Durham raiders 30K event; Gathering of the storm here.

and their Storming of Dantris III event

WarZone Atlanta.

Ortious cloud phase 3, 12 Dec 15. Sydney, Australia.

30K event being held at Lincon 2016 in Sweden!

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