Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Episode 31 - Diorama Comp!!

Welcome to episode 31!

Our last episode of the eye of Horus was all about us, this weeks episode is all about you guys!

This week we announce our first special competition with some fantastic prizes and we dig through or huge mail sack to answer listener questions and waac some fluff! so listen in and get those creative juices flowing.

As always we finish off with a whole swathe of 30k event and check in on the raging battle for Kug'Arkal in our global heresy campaign.

So sit back and relax and enjoy this latest installment of the Eye of Horus!

Part I - Intro and Diorama Comp talk!
Mjod by Kvelertak
Part II - Mailbag/FluffWaac
Cocoon by Astra
Part III - Events and Wrap up 

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The muster has started! Join in here and turn the tide for the traitors or loyalists by picking up a paint brush!


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Las Vegas open

Check out all the Details for the Durham raiders 30K event; Gathering of the storm here.

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Ortious cloud phase 3, 12 Dec 15. Sydney, Australia.

30K event being held at Lincon 2016 in Sweden!

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  1. Hello heretics,

    Good chapter, just thought I would resolve your host question about why the Battle of Terra.

    Once Magnus the Red used the webway to enter into Terra and warn the Emperor about Horus's treachery, he basically destroyed the barriers that isolated that section of the webway from the Warp, hence allowing all the Warp entities a free entry into the heart of Terra.

    The Emperor was then forced to remain in the Golden Throne whilst his custodes fought the war on the webway to prevent the Warp from breaching into Terra. If that was to happen, some fluff suggests that a second Eye of Terror would be born.

    Since that moment, the Emperor was a prisoner in his own Throne, unable to leave it, and could only do so to confront Horus on the Vengeful Spirit because Malcador took his seat on the Golden throne to keep the Warp at bay.

    The extent of the danger of the Warp gate at the core of Terra is so great, that Malcador, the second greatest psycher of the galaxy and potentially an eternal, crumbled into dust after manning the throne for less than a couple of hours.

    So that´s why Terra could not be abandoned or the Emperor have a bigger role against the rebellion.