Saturday, 5 September 2015

Episode 29 - Model Masterclass & The Horus Invitational


Our good friend Cecil is in the studio for this jam-packed episode, and in the first segment we cover news, rumours, dig around in the mailbag and waac some fluff. In the second part Michael interviews Matt Kane and Andy Wardle from MK Painting, and in the third part Cecil and I talk about how we went in the Horus Invitational 30k event up in Townsville last weekend, using our 2000pt Iron Warriors and Mechanicum forces!

The first two musical breaks are by Wardruna off the album Yggdrasil, and the third is Rumours of War by High On Fire.

Don't miss a once in a life time chance to take your painting to the next level!
Follow this link over to find out more about painting master classes with Matt Kane and Andy Wardle on their FB page.

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