Sunday, 24 June 2018

Episode 136 - Panoply of War Appendix, Heresy Camp, Telethon!

Welcome back to the Eye of Horus Podcast! Heresy Lives!

In this episode Tim is joined by Eric all the way from Canada, we chat heresy, we get a call from Chris Priddy to talk about the new GW Cafe in Texas, Heresy Camp, and the Telethon. After the break we go into the awesome Panoply of War Appendix Eric has created with compiled rules hunted down from across a bunch of different books, new exciting units to use in your games of Horus Heresy! We finish off the Assassins entries with some Instagram Assassin based topics and questions. Strap in and enjoy!

Part 1 - Intro, Special Guest Eric, Priddy drops by, WWBD, Telethon, Heresy Camp!
Part 2 - Panoply of War Appendix
Sonic Titan - Sleep
Part 3 - Wrap Up

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