Thursday, 14 June 2018

Episode 135 - Heresy Lives, Mournival Events, Patreon, ZM AussieMat Competition, and more!

Welcome back to the Eye of Horus Podcast! Heresy Lives!

In this episode Michael and Tim return from a parallel dimension where Heresy WAS dead and they tried to keep it alive by reanimating it via podcasting. Maybe it worked? Who knows, in any case they've travelled back to this dimension and found that it never died in the first place, crazy! They launch their Patreon to raise some cash for sticker drives and travelling to events, launch a ZM Short Story competition, and Tim talks to Tom the Heresy Enthusiast who is taking #DeepNarrative to the next level. Strap in and enjoy!

Part 1 - Intro, Heresy Lives! Patreon! Aussie Mat Competition!
Part 2 - MOURNIVAL EVENTS with Heresy Enthusiast!
Part 3 - Wrap Up

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Mournival Events


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