Thursday, 21 December 2017

Episode 115 - 2017 Finale & Open War Coverage #HardForHeresy

WELCOME to the finale of The Eye of Horus Podcast for 2017!

Hopefully this monster ep finds you well over the holiday season, merry Christmas, Saturnalia etc to all.

Thanks so much to all our listeners, people who helped us out, came on the show, bought some shirts off us and we'd like to especially thank the people who sent money in so we can go to Adepticon next year! We love you guys and we love podcasting for you.  Stay tuned for Gang Bang coming very soon, and we'll see you in the New Year!

Part 1 - WWBD, Some Mail, Chatty Chats

'NIB' - Black Sabbath
Part 2 - Our games at Open War
'Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain' - Archspire
Part 3 - Open War I
'New Moon Rising' - Wolfmother
Part 4 - Open War II
'Pursuit of Vikings' - Amon Amarth
Part 5 - Open War III
'Psychosocial' - Slipknot
Part 6 - Open War IV
'Payback' - Slayer
Part 7 - WRAP UP


Richard Canines Institute for Gifted Youth

Direct File

Miniature Scenery - awesome MDF terrain!

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If you're in Brisbane, visit PubHammer

Centurion Rules:

Heralds of Ruin Killteam Rules

30k Killteam Rules

The Varangian Heresy Event Series FAQ

The Omega Codex


DEC 9 - OPEN WAR!!!!

October 7-8 2017 - The Burning of Scandus Prime

October 14  - Avarii VII

October 21-22 - SoCal Open


Contour Painting:

Joseph Westley Figure Painting

Miniature Realms Studio

Fenrir Painting

Perpetual Painting

Red vs Blue Studios

Full Scaled Conflict

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