Monday, 4 December 2017

Episode 114 - Bellatrix Prime, Collaborative Gaming, and Michael is back!

This week Michael returns! We catch up on whats happened while he's been away, look at new releases, talk about the 40k Open day and open some mail. 

Then it's onto a great conversation we recorded with Tom and Dom from the #SydneyCell about the awesome event they ran last weekend!

We wrap it up with some events, crazy talk, future plans, and child rearing advice. Hang around after the outtro music for the Bellatrix Prime players pack!

Part 1 - WWBD, Catch Up. New Stuff, 40k Open Day,Some Mail

'Contractor' - Lamb of God
Part 2 - Bellatrix Prime and Collaborative Gaming with Tom and Dom
'Eyes of the Stormwitch' - The Sword
Part 3 - Wrap up
Appendix: Bellatrix Prime Audio Players Pack with Ednhillator and Michael John


Richard Canines Institute for Gifted Youth

Direct File Link:

Miniature Scenery - awesome MDF terrain!

Buy some merch, help rep the show:

If you're in Brisbane, visit PubHammer

Centurion Rules:

Heralds of Ruin Killteam Rules

30k Killteam Rules

The Varangian Heresy Event Series FAQ

The Omega Codex


DEC 9 - OPEN WAR!!!!

October 7-8 2017 - The Burning of Scandus Prime

October 14  - Avarii VII

October 21-22 - SoCal Open


Contour Painting:

Joseph Westley Figure Painting

Miniature Realms Studio

Fenrir Painting

Perpetual Painting

Red vs Blue Studios

Full Scaled Conflict

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