Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Episode 53 - Cultural Exchange: Texas

Part I - Intro, WWBD, New Stuff, Host Qs, Mailbag
'How Heavy This Axe' - The Sword
Part II - Cultural Exchange: Texas
'First Kill' - Amon Amarth
Part III - Events and Wrap Up

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Event Links

April 30 - The Alkoss Resurgence

April 09 - The Conquest of Ferrum Acre

May 28 - ANZAC Cup 2016!

The Gates of Terra II: The Moenibus Belt, 30k Campaign Weekend - Stockport UK…ack_V1.0.pdf%3Fdl%3D0

April 23 - The Crushing of Grox

April 30 - Inferno 2016

October 15 - The Burning of Scandus Prime

The Lincon Heresy

June 06 - Perth Western Fringe

April 23 - Rustbelt Inferno

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