Monday, 21 March 2016

Episode 52 - Happy One Year of Content!

Episode 52 - Happy One Year of Content!
In this celebratory one year episode, we have Spence on and go loco!
Part I - Intro, Raffle, WWBD, Horus Hearsay, Host Qs, Mailbag
'Satanic Rites of Drugula' - Electric Wizard
Part II - Primarchs vs History
'Lion of the North' - Sabaton
Part III - Events, Raffle and Wrap up!

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Event Links
The Gates of Terra II: The Moenibus Belt, 30k Campaign Weekend - Stockport UK

The Crushing of Grox

Inferno 2016

The Burning of Scandus Prime

Lincon Battle Report Comp

The NOVA Open

The Lincon Heresy

Perth Western Fringe

Rustbelt Inferno

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  1. Loved the pod cast and enjoyed your visit with the guys from TFL. So.. as a Canadian I have to say this. YES! There was such a gun! Sadam did NOT invent it. WE did! Go Canada!

    It was called "Project Harp" and was gun so big it was designed to launch satilites. It was canciled and the dude went on, eventually, to work for Iraq on "Project Babylon" which is the big gun you are referring to.