Monday, 21 December 2015


Welcome to the Season Finale of the Eye of Horus Podcast!

Some said it couldn't be done, some said it shouldn't be done, some have never attempted it. We went ahead and busted it out no sweat...  SIX HOURS OF POWER.

We knew you'd miss us while we were on our hobby sabbatical so we've put together the biggest episode of all time..  

However we just realised the DIORAMA COMP segment was left out some how, so that will be coming in the next 24 hours as its own little mini episode!

This episode's going to need a table of contents:

Part I - Intro, New Stuff, Mailbag
'Cry of the Black Birds' - Amon Amarth
'Scapegoat' - Kylesa
Part III  - The Ortious Cloud Incident
'Mourning Palace' - Dimmu Borgir
Part IV - Kug Arkal Wrap Up
'Gibu' - Wardruna
Part V - Wrap Up!

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Check out the Wrap Up of Kug Arkal this ep and read about the whole campaign here:

Brofessors Space Ork Supplement


Inferno 2016

Las Vegas open

Storming of Dantris III event

The LinCon Heresy

The NOVA Open

Games Workshop Hobarts Heresy Slow Grow!

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