Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Episode 42 - The Meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything

Welcome to episode 42!

A super AFTER DARK episode, we crush out all the regular segments, read some email from the frat boys, (check the links below for their Space Orks in the 31st millenium expansion), waac some fluff, talk about how fucking awesome the Ordinatus Minoris Ullator is, read out our lists for this coming weekends events and chitter like daemons in the warp.

This weekend we're ON THE ROAD, representing the podcast simultaneously at HeroCon in Townsville and Ortious Cloud in Sydney, 2,000 kms (or roughly 1300 miles) apart! If you're at either of these events come say hi!

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Check out our planet, Kug'Arkal in the podcast global campaign on Aus30k.


Brofessors Space Ork Supplement


HeroCon 2015 TSV Australia!herocon-2015/c1bgw

Inferno 2016

Las Vegas open

Storming of Dantris III event

Ortious cloud phase 3, Sydney, Australia.

30K event being held at Lincon 2016 in Sweden!
Also check out the lincon system on aus30k
and help influence the starting bonuses for the teams at lincon 2016 by fighting over Yaris station  and submitting your battle reports with the players pack!

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