Thursday, 6 February 2020

Brace For Impact 1 - Maiden Voyage

After the Unification of Terra, the Emperor of Mankind pressed into service all manner of spacefaring vessels to ensure the subsequent unity of the Sol System and banishment of vile Xenos threats that circled humanity's cradle like carrion feeders.

The expansion of humanity after 5000 years of isolation, under the banner of the Emperor gained significant momentum; material for conquest and exploration provided by Mars and the Jovian shipyards.

As the reach of the Imperium grew, countless systems rejoined the fold and pledged themselves to their liberators, offering up rare and esoteric technologies to further support the crusade effort.

Shipyards brought back into the Imperial fold began producing vessels of all classes and design to accompany and reinforce the powerful expedition fleets that were sent far and wide, often under the command of the Primarchs and their commanders, to reclaim the galaxy and reunite the splintered colonies that weathered the Old Night.

As the Great Crusade drew to a close, and Horus Lupercal fell to the Dark powers, the destructive power of the vast fleets he and his turncoat brothers controlled were turned against the oblivious Imperium, most notably at Istvaan V but in countless other engagements during the Horus Heresy.

Welcome to the "Brace for Impact" podcast, where we discuss every aspect of Battlefleet Heresy, from fluff, modelling and painting, campaign and battle reports, rules, tactics and how to get into the hobby. We will also endeavour to invite guests, via Astropathic communication to talk about their experience with this wonderful void warfare game.

And remember! Brace for Impact! 🚨

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