Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Pilot - The Elector C**ts! - An 8th Edition WHFB Cast

Welcome to the pilot for the Elector Counts! In this recorded live, first episode we do a round table of talking points, dump some salt on AOS, listen to Rene's smoke detector beep every 30 seconds and DTA T-Pains out a few times... But we get to the bottom of a ton of super important topics such as 'UNIT FILLERS: YAE OR NAE', 'SHOULD STORMCASTS HAVE 8TH ED RULES?', 'WHAT UNIT IS BEST?', and 'WHAT IS THE MOST SEXY-NASTY FACTION?'

Join the online discussion, suggest topics for the show, enrage Rene and DTA with pro-Dorf talk:

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