Monday, 17 December 2018

Episode 149 - 2018 Finale Megasode Part 1!

-Side 1-
Part 1 - Tim catches Michael up on HeroCon 2018 from across the globe!
Part 2 - Sydney Scene/Mournival Chat with The Great Gouldini and Ednihillator
Part 3 - ACT/Canberra Heresy with Andrew Hollis
Part 4 - Spence returns to review ENGINE WARS IN THE AGE OF DARKNESS timeline

-Side 2- (coming soon)
Part 5 - All New Book Club with Emma @fortheEMMAperor - A Thousand Sons!
Part 6 - New Zealand Chats with Tony and Keogan
Part 7 - Adelaide Scene with Heaps Good Heresy Boys!
Part 8 - Wasteland Heresy with Jackie
Part 9 - Wargames (Heresy) Camp with Ryan Kimmel
Part 10 - The Wrap Up Music by Wardruna

Once again we finish off the year with an enormous megasode, however this time broken up into some easily digestible 5 hour chunks!

I'm pretty happy with this episode, it was tons of fun to produce, and for every hour on air I spent an hour or so chatting with some of my fave heresy people!

So enjoy this first part, the second part will drop in a few days, hopefully this will get you through some hardcore painting sessions over Christmas!

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