Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Demystifying the Mechanicum Redux - Part 3 - Cybermortals, Fast Attack, Heavy Support, Superheavies & Exotic Units

Part Three of the most exhaustive look at the Mechanicum in DEMYSTIFYING THE MECHANICUM is here!

In this final episode in the series we first take a look through the spectrum that is Cybermortals, then get into some of the most powerful choices not only in the Mechanicum's arsenal, but anywhere in the Heresy! We finish off by looking at Adeptus Mechanicus units from 40k 7th Ed and how you might use these in your games of Heresy!

PART 3 - Cybermortals Great & Small, Fast Attack, Heavy Support, Superheavies and Exotic Units

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November 4 - Desolation of Agaris

Dec 9 - The Arika Campaign

DEC 9 - OPEN WAR!!!!


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