Friday, 25 August 2017

Episode 105 - War in the Wasteland and Warp Gyre 66

Welcome to episode 105, this week Michael and Tim shoot the shit in the first part of the show, and then Tim talks to Sam and Tom, who ran events on opposite sides of the country on the same weekend! We talk a lot about single day narrative events and how to crowbar in just the right amount of 'Extra Bullshit'!

Part 1 - WWBD, New Stuff, Making the Most out of 7th Ed 30k!, Mailbag
'With Oden On Our Side' - Amon Amarth
Part 2 - War in the Wasteland and Warp Gyre 66
'Morbid Panzer Batallion - Paganizer
Part 3 - Events and Wrap Up

Second Golloch War Phase Seven: The Mystery of Hestia


Richard Canines Institute for Gifted Youth

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Miniature Scenery - awesome MDF terrain!

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Heralds of Ruin Killteam Rules

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The Varangian Heresy Event Series FAQ

The Omega Codex


2-3 September - The Mal-Raen System: First Blood

October 7-8 2017 - The Burning of Scandus Prime

October 14  - Avarii VII

October 21-22 - SoCal Open


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