Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Episode 100 - THE HUNDOSODE - Part 1 of 2

Welcome to episode 100 of the Eye of Horus Podcast.

We've dropped some seriously monster episodes in the past, however this is the first one we've had to cut into two parts.

Enjoy the next half a day listening to us talk to a bunch of our listeners and favorite guests from the last 100 episodes!

Huge thanks to everyone who's written in, left us a comment, posted on our walls, slid into our DMs, high fived us at an event, left a breathy voicemail or in any way helped us for the last couple of years! Without the support from you guys we'd have never made it this far.

Michael & Tim

Part I - WWBD, New Stuff, Talking

'Whatareya' - TISM
Part II - HOTLINE!!!!  (this was a lot of fun!)
'Crimson Blade' - Black Cobra
Part III - Brendan Hickey: 5 Things Every Event Should Do
'Archmagos Aggamons Transport Emporium' - Sons of Heresy
Part IV - Heresy Enthusiast: 7th Ed 30k Houserules Wishlist
'musical interlude'
Part V - Ryan Kimmel: 7th ed 40k Horror Stories
'musical interlude'
Part VI - The Outer Circle: WHICH BLACK BOOK IS BEST?
'musical interlude'
Part VII - Talking Shit with the Dickdogs
'musical interlude'
Part VIII - Wrap Up

Second Golloch War Phase Five - Paradisium Lost

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The Hagvarian Betrayal

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August 11 - War In The Wasteland!

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