Monday, 27 March 2017

Episode 92 - Year Zero

Welcome to episode 92 of the EOH!

In this episode we talk about the latest releases and newest news out of GW about the 8th edition of 40k coming up. We then cross over to the Dickdogs and talk about all kinds of things including Age of Sigmar, and conceptualising and starting a new army! We then wrap it up with a gross story and some events!

Part I - WWBD, New Stuff, 8th Ed 40k, Mailbag

'Beginning of the End' - NIN
Part II - Conceptualising and Starting an Army, with the Dickdogs
'Cocoon' - Astra
Part III - Wrap Up

Richard Canines Institute for Gifted Youth

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March 18 LANtasy - Victoria Heresy 30K Event

April 15 - Legions at War - Hubris of Lupercal

13-15 Aug - Clash of the Tetons

March 18th - Road to Terra and Manchester Heresy Campaign Day

May 13 - The London Heresy

July 2 - The Nibellium Salvation

May 27 - Lincon Heresy

October 7 2017 - The Burning of Scandus Prime

April 01 2017 - Escalation Rises


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