Monday, 27 February 2017

Episode 88 - 8ORUS 8ERESY

Welcome to episode 88 of the EOH!

In this episode we go deep into the minds of our favorite people,  you, our listeners!

Part I - WWBD, New Stuff, Listener Questions!
'Mjod' - Kvelertak
Part II - Wrap Up!

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April 06 MKA Masterclass Sweden


April 29 - Operation Molten Storm

March 18 LANtasy - Victoria Heresy 30K Event

April 15 - Legions at War - Hubris of Lupercal

Feb 25 - Acquisition of STC42s

13-15 Aug - Clash of the Tetons

March 18th - Road to Terra and Manchester Heresy Campaign Day

May 13 - The London Heresy

May 27 - Lincon Heresy

October 7 2017 - The Burning of Scandus Prime

April 01 2017 - Escalation Rises


Contour Painting:

Joseph Westley Figure Painting

Miniature Realms Studio

Fenrir Painting

Perpetual Painting

Red vs Blue Studios

Full Scaled Conflict

Brush With Destiny Studios

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