Friday, 23 December 2016

Episode 85 - 2016 FINALE!

Merry Christmas and welcome to the Eye of Horus 2017 Finale Megasode!

It's taken a week to put this together but we wanted to end the year with a big bang, we have a ton of guests, calls, emails, and even our first on the road recording. We've had a ton of fun this year even though getting out episodes sometimes was a real stretch, we feel like we did pretty well. We're glad you guys enjoy the show, we have a ton of fun making it. 

Part I -  Wadey and Macca join us to cover New Stuff and HeroCon

Interlude I - We wake up Michael from RFI at 4am
Interlude II - A quick conversation Michael and I recorded on the road at Herocon
Part II - Matt Kane joins us to talk Battle for Armatura, and Cool Heresy Shit
Interlude III - We call Stratos to convince him to come to ACTII
Part III - Michael and Tim finish off the year with Mailbag, Shout Outs and Thank-Yous!

Music by Wardruna

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April 06 MKA Masterclass Sweden

Listen to Niklas and Marten on the Don't Loose Your Head cast!


March 18 LANtasy - Victoria Heresy 30K Event

Jan 14 - Echorix - Battle for Spyke

April 15 - Legions at War - Hubris of Lupercal

Feb 25 - Acquisition of STC42s

May 13 - The London Heresy

May 27 - Lincon Heresy

Assault on Keltos V
email for details
October 7 2017 - The Burning of Scandus Prime

Jan 14 - Clash of the Tetons…f=SEARCH&fref=nf

April 01 2017 - Escalation Rises

Jan 28 - ACT of Heresy II


Contour Painting:

Joseph Westley Figure Painting

Miniature Realms Studio

Fenrir Painting

Perpetual Painting

Red vs Blue Studios

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