Friday, 29 July 2016

Episode 70 - The one where we had rum in our coffees


In this ep we answer a ton of listener questions, fluff some waacs, and Tim goes on several rants before needing to be sedated by his personal medicae automata.

Part 1 - Intro, WWBD, New Stuff, Listener Questions
Desert Cult Ritual - Arrowhead
Part 2 - Fluffwaac/Mailbag and Wrap up

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August 13-14 - The Siege of Geigenhive (Our Event in Brisbane!)

NOW! - The Scourging of ├żungur Mettallikos

October 8 - Scouring of Sydnaeous Primary

September 10 - Inferno III

September 17 - Avarii Cluster Phase III

August 20 - DICON 2016

Jan 28 - ACT of Heresy II

September 06 - Fires of Treachery

September 30 - Horus Heresy Weekend Campaign: Darkness Falls Upon Lucius

October 15 - The Burning of Scandus Prime

1 comment:

  1. A little bit disappointed to hear you use the term Jap in this episode. I'm sure that it simply slipped out while you were preoccupied with continued survival in Queensland with the radioactive kangaroos, dingo stealing babies and venomous amphibians that you deal with on a daily basis. Suffice to say that the Khan would not approve. Otherwise love the podcast.