Saturday, 20 February 2016

Episode 48 - RETRIBUTION

Part I - Intro, WWBD, New Stuff, Host Qs

'Across the Shields' - Torche

Part II - Retribution Pt 1

'Embrace the Madness' - Black Tusk

Part III - Retribution Pt 2

'The Black Chord' - Astra

Part IV - Events, Wrap up

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Event Links

Escape from Nestro

The Baylonian Insurrection

Inferno 2016

The Burning of Scandus Prime

Lincon Battle Report Comp…e=The_Lincon_Heresy

The Dark Compliance of Alkoss Primus

Nova Open Prelude to Heresy Assymetrical Campaign…&utm_medium=email

The NOVA Open…252501694765689/

Storming of Dantris III

The Avarii Cluster Phase 1

The Lincon Heresy

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