Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Episode 38 - Greatest 'What Ifs?' of the 31st Millenium

Welcome to Episode 38 of the Eye of Horus Podcast!

In this episode, Michael is away, however our good friend Spencer steps in to help Tim co-host. In the first chapter we cover all the usual segments, building a couple of lists, talking about new plastic heresy and the deals Forgeworld has dropped to support this release. We take some questions from Twitter for the first time which works pretty well! Look out for this segment returning soon.

In the second chapter we cover a whole Rh1n0-load of 'what if' heresy scenarios, things that might have happened slightly different however had a massive flow-on effect for the history of the Crusade, and all mankind! What if The Emperor had been butchered by mega-orks at Ullanor? What if The Night Haunter had murdered Lionel J and Rouboute on Macragge instead of just toying with them? What if Ferrus Manus had turned coat to hang out with his bros Fulgrim and Horus at Istvaan?

Strap in, wet that palette, and warm up your air brush, we're going DEEP!

Chapter I - New stuff, general chats, Host Q's, Twitter Q's, Mailbag/Fluffwaac
Black Magic - Slayer
Chapter II - Greatest (and totally subjective) What Ifs of the 31st Millenium
Cyclopian Scape - High on Fire
Las Vegas open

Storming of Dantris III event

WarZone Atlanta.

Ortious cloud phase 3, 12 Dec 15. Sydney, Australia.

30K event being held at Lincon 2016 in Sweden!

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