Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Episode 27 - We're back!

Welcome to episode 27

On this episode all of your favorite regulars return after our week off!

We take a look at whats new in the world of 30k from FW, read a whole lot of mail and answer a pile of questions from you guys and of course let you all know where to get your 30k fix at a range of events all round the world.

We update the battle on Kug'Arkul, who holds the balance of power? What influence will this have on future events? Tune in to find out!

Part I
Soup is Good Food - The Dead Kennedys
Part II
Lady of the Slain - Tyr
Part III

Don't miss a once in a life time chance to take your painting to the next level!
Follow this link over to find out more about painting master classes with Matt Kane and Andy Wardle on their FB page.

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Check out our planet, Kug'Arkal in the up coming podcast global campaign on Aus30k.

The muster has started! Join in here and turn the tide for the traitors or loyalists by picking up a paint brush!


(Come and play with/against us!)

Second Legion Warhammer 30,000 event.

Las Vegas open

30/40k 1850 event at ace comics in Brisbane

WarZone Atlanta.

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