Monday, 22 June 2015

Eye of Horus Presents - Demystifying Imperialis Militias & Cults

This week we have a special presentation while Michael is away!

In this pre-recorded episode we go through the newest army list to hit the tables of the 31st Millenium: Imperialis Militia & Cults!

This list is incredibly sandbox and an excellent tool for representing whichever force of 'basic humans of the 31st Millenium' you can think of. 

Everything from backwards barbarian tribes straight off a dinosaur planet up to the artificer armed and equipped personal retinue of a Hive-ruler! Equally importantly, there are rules for creating full-on warp tainted forces, perfect allies for the Word Bearers and World Eaters at Calth, or as hell-touched gene-trash mixed in with the 40K Daemon list to create 'Daemon World' or 'Chaos Cult' armies from the old V2 Chaos Codex!!

Hopefully this episode will be fuel for thought, and get some people blowing the dust off their old Guard and Beastmen and Squat armies! 

Remember, boys went to the Astartes, men went to the Imperial Army, Solar Auxilia and Militias..

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