Thursday, 14 May 2015

Episode 12 - SLAM-AMANDERS

Episode 12 is here!

Welcome back to the show, and a special welcome if you're joining us for the first time.  Firstly, apologies on the tardiness of the show. We had a little technical problem the first time we recorded, so instead of releasing something we weren't happy with we re-recorded!

On this week’s show we review the slew of new Ultramarines releases in the lead up to Book 5: Tempest, we also have a look at the exciting video Forge World have released for said book!

We've changed up our format slightly this week to spend a bit more time going through the letters and feedback we get from you guys every week. Later in the show we take a look at the XVIII Legion the Salamanders. Is Vulkan's legion as hard as he is? Listen in to find out. As always we finish up with our 30k events section so check them out and get down there if you're in the area!

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