Saturday, 30 January 2016

Episode 45 - ACT of Heresy!

Part I - Intro, New Stuff, Host Qs, Tiny Mailgrab
'Mjød' - Kvelertak
Part II - A C T  OF  H E R E S Y
'The Warp Riders' - The Sword
Part III - Events, Wrap Up, and Rambling!

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Event Links

Escape from Nestro

The Baylonian Insurrection

Hobart Army Building League

The Dark Compliance of Alkoss Primus

Escape From Nestro

Storm of Dantris III

The Avarii Cluster Phase 1

The Lincon Heresy

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Episode 44 - First Day Back

Welcome to Episode 44 - First Day Back!

Part 1 - Intro, News, Host Qs
'The Nightchild' - Electric Wizard
Part II - ErrataWatch
'Return to Nod' - High On Fire
Part III - Inferno I 2016
'Reanimated Sacrifice' - Goatwhore
Part IV - Wrap Up

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Inferno 2016

The Dark Compliance of Alkoss Primus

Las Vegas open

Storming of Dantris III event

The LinCon Heresy

Games Workshop Hobarts Heresy Slow Grow!